Repair & Upgrades      
11.jpg (67070 bytes) This 1918 vintage 75-ton capacity turbine maintenance crane was upgraded with a new auxiliary trolley, new trolley and bridge drives with variable frequency controls, new controls for the hoist, and new festoons and a sliding pendant system. . A fully-enclosed air-conditioned crane cab having seat mounted cab master controls.  This cab replaced an existing open cab in an Upper-Midwest steel foundry.
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Work done to upgrade an 1880ís vintage P & H DC crane so that it can be run from the floor rather than the crane cab.


An existing Orley Meyer crane originally supplied at 25-ton capacity which was upgraded including girder reinforcing and a new Kone crane trolley hoist to have a capacity of 62-ton.  The photo shows the crane being load tested at full capacity + 25% using the Water Weights test loads.

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Lift moved this runway and crane system in 1988, doubling the length of the runway.